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All of the guidelines and policies outlined here should be read throughly prior to your visit to the studio. Please pass on this information to all guests in your party. 


Locating the Studio

Location: 132 Chalan Ayuyu, Yona 96910

Apple Maps Location

  • Chalan Ayuyu is right near the Day-Buy-Day market on Chalan Kanton Tasi.

  • I am inside the fourth driveway on the right once you turn onto Chalan Ayuyu, I am tucked away into a little cluster of houses off of that driveway. LOOK FOR THE PINK FLAMINGOES.

  • I am the first house on the right once you turn onto that driveway. Look for the cream-colored house with a white roof and silver metal doors. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE IN NEIGHBOR'S YARD!

  • I will have a banner with my logo hanging on the studio door.

  • It can be hard to see me from the street- so feel free to call if you are having trouble. 

Phone or WhatsApp: 704-465-4276


Studio Etiquette

  • During your visit to the studio you should expect to get messy, so please dress with that in mind- although almost all materials in use do not stain. Please avoid long or flowy sleeves.

  • Please pull long hair back into a bun or ponytail.  

  • Please remove any false nails on your fingers.

  • Absolutely no smoking, vaping, or tobacco use is allowed indoors. 

  • All drinks should have a cap or lid. No food please.

  • For the sake of studio plumbing, please do not wash clay-hands in the bathroom sink.

  • Additional guests, not participating in the lesson, are not permitted. 

  • By entering the studio, you are consenting to having your photo/video taken and used in any future advertising, literature, web content, or events sponsored by Sanctuary Studio. 

  • Under no circumstances should anyone handle a kiln or any of its parts. 

  • I reserve the right to ask you to leave at any point during your visit. 


Late Arrivals, Cancellations & Rescheduling

  • Please notify the studio via call or text at 704-465-4276 if you find you may be late to arrive. Or you can send a message via the CONTACT page.

  • 20 minutes after the scheduled start of your visit, without notification of late arrival, your reservation is considered cancelled. Any fees or deposits are non-refundable and will not be applied to future visits. 

  • If you find you must cancel or reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled visit. Any fees or deposits may or may not be refunded or applied to future visits at the discretion of the studio owner if notified less than 48 hours prior to visit.  

  • In the event that Sanctuary Studio needs to cancel an event, all deposits and/or fees will be refunded.  



  • The cost of firing and dip glazing one piece of your work is included in the cost of your visit. Each piece you would like fired, beyond one piece is an additional $5- it is completely up to you whether you would like to have your work fired. 

  • Payment is due, in full, immediately following the completion of your visit and prior to departure. 

  • Should you accidentally break finished pottery, you are responsible for for the retail cost of the pieces. 

  • The studio is a CASH ONLY establishment. Please make sure everyone in your party is aware. Plan for a two hour visit, but you only pay for the time you use. 


Your Finished Work

  • There is no guarantee regarding the quality and/or serviceability of fired work.

  • Due to the necessity of a minimum amount of pottery in order to fire the kiln, there is no guaranteed time frame in which your work will be fired and ready for pick-up. Usually turn around is 4-8 weeks.

  • Completed and fired work is to be picked up from the studio within two weeks of being notified that it is ready. Work that has not been picked up following this time period can be disposed of. 

  • I am happy to mail your completed work to you for an additional fee to cover the cost of packing & shipping.


COVID Measures and Procedures

  • Masking is optional for each individual. Instructor will not be masked.  

  • Hand-washing or hand-sanitizing is welcome and appreciated upon arrival. 

  • Studio visits are by appointment only.



Please use the following methods to contact: 

Phone or WhatsApp: 704-465-4276 (call or text)

Message via CONTACT page

I look forward to your visit at Sanctuary Studio!

Pottery Wheel Lesson (2 persons max):

$35/hr per person

Handbuilding Lesson: 

$25/hr per person, for 2 students.

$20/hr per person, for at least 4 students.

$15/hr per person, for at least 6 students.

Surface Design & Color:

$15/hr per person

Miniature Pottery Wheel Lesson: 

$25/hr per person, for 2 students.

$20/hr per person, for at least 4 students.

$15/hr per person, for at least 6 students.

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