Answers to common questions regarding classes can be found below...

What is the pricing for classes?

Pottery Wheel Lesson (2 persons max): 

$35/hr per person

Handbuilding Lesson (both adult & children): 

$25/hr per person, for 2 students.

$20/hr per person, for at least 4 students.

$15/hr per person, for at least 6 students.

Surface Design & Color:

$15/hr per person

You can learn more on the CLASSES page of this website.

How do I schedule a class at SanctuaryStudio?

  • All class types can be booked online via the ONLINE BOOKING page.

  • Please note that weekend sessions typically need to be scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance.


Are there any limitations on ages in the studio?

  • No. Although you may find that guests younger than 6 years old may struggle at the pottery wheel. Instead Handbuilding classes tend to be much more suitable for our youngest guests.


How many persons are allowed in the studio? 

  • I am currently limited to 6 guests in the studio due to COVID-19.


How and when do I pay for classes & parties?​

  • Payment is due, in full, immediately following the completion of your visit and prior to departure. ​You only pay for the amount of time you use. 

  • The following forms of payment are accepted: PayPal, AppleCash, NavyFederal transfer and exact cash.

Are there any additional costs for a class?

  • The cost of firing and dip glazing one piece of your work is included in the cost of your visit. Each piece you would like fired, beyond one piece is an additional $5- it is completely up to you whether you would like to have your work fired. 

  • If you wish to add color to your pottery, you'll need to schedule a Surface Design & Color session

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