Classes & Instruction

Toms River, NJ

Are you interested in private or small group lessons? Dixie Cartelli has taught all age groups from children's to adult's classes. Lessons can be scheduled by request.

Pottery wheel classes are offered for private lessons only. Handbuilding and sculpting classes can be scheduled for groups of 10 or less. 

Private lesson pricing starts at $30/hr and includes access to all basic studio equipment and materials. Private lessons can be structured for learning the pottery wheel, handbuilding, or both. There are small additional fees for firing.

Small group class pricing starts at:

$25/hr per person, for 2 students.

$20/hr per person, for at least 3 students.

$15/hr per person, for at least 5 students.

$10/hr per person, for at least 10 students.

The above prices include access to all basic handbuilding studio equipment and materials.

There are small additional fees for firing.

Please note that small group lessons can be recurring or simply a clay evening. However it is recomended that if you schedule a clay evening, you also schedule a follow-up session for your group- to allow them to glaze (add color) their creations.  


Contact Dixie via the CONTACT​ page to learn more about scheduling classes for yourself or a small group.