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Messages from Parents...

Every now and then parents are kind enough to take the time to write little messages to me. These are a few that I've recently saved...

-Dixie Cartelli

C---------n truly does LOVE your Art Class.  He has mentioned that to me quite a few times.  In fact, he asked me to buy him pastels the other day since he said he uses them in Art Class.

Thank you for inspiring him!

He looks forward to doing his art work every week!

We all have appreciated what you do for the children. You are a tremendous educator and this (latest) lesson is evidence of the quality that you've been producing all year with the children.

Thank you for all that you do and the beautiful, thoughtful projects that you've done with the kids.

Another fantastic job by Mrs. Cartelli. I showed my husband the work you've been doing, and we are your #1 fans. He's also in education and it's challenging to get some educators on board with structuring lessons as you have. These are wonderful. Thanks for all you do, and with such “class"!

I have to say your art class is the most organized and thorough out of all R-------h has taken. I am so impressed. You're doing an amazing job! Thank You!

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