This versatile bowl trio is sure to make an impression whenever you use it. With eye-catching colors like the bright turquoise base with the vibrant crystalline drips, these nesting bowls are the perfect marriage of function and style. The inside base of the bowls are left with beautiful swirls as the final touch when they are being finished on the potters wheel. The largest bowl is similarly sized to a cereal bowl, while the smallest is similar to a spice bowl.


Sizes are approximate:

               Largest                     Medium                       Smallest

Height -    2.75”                       2.25"                              1.75"

Width -     5.5”                         4.25"                               3"

Depth -     2.5”                          2"                                  1.5"


NOTE: All pieces are handmade and one of a kind. Variations in size, color, and markings are what make them unique!


Care Instructions: Item(s) are dishwasher and microwave safe, but should not be used in the freezer or on direct heat.

Mini Nesting Bowl Trio

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